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Tatihou,SO CLOSE AND SO different

Away from time, away from the hustle and bustle of mankind, the island of Tatihou offers a delightful plunge into a preserved world. The exceptional maritime setting, a green nature, places full of history, all combine to make you live a unique adventure.

A unique weekend in Cotentin, Normandy


Tatihou ? It's the promise of lush vegetation, the feeling of communing with nature, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the world to refocus on the essential: You.

A few hectares off the coast of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, a Vauban fort, a rich history of buildings used by man for centuries, Tatihou Island speaks to the eyes as well as to the soul.

With the rehabilitation of its entire heritage, Tatihou is becoming the regional spearhead of slow tourism. People come to take their time, to discover their immediate environment without rushing, without stressing. The beauty of the landscapes and the history of the places becomes the central pillar.


Take a deep breath and relax



Les Maisons de Tatihou welcomes you in the historic buildings of the island, in the immediate vicinity of the gardens, for a timeless experience. Your accommodation has all the comforts necessary for a pleasant stay. Our wish? To offer you a new range of holiday accommodation on the island of Tatihou. Based on the historic building, the entire infrastructure has been redesigned to invite you to a hotel that will aim for a 4-star rating and a hostel (youth hostel). Inspired by the concept of slow life and slow tourism, you will take the time to enjoy nature and your loved ones in a place far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


A Vauban fort, whose tower has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008, the maritime museum, labelled Musée de France, and gardens which allow you to discover the natural heritage of Tatihou. You can also find a marine biology laboratory, a tool for raising awareness of the marine environment

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Tatihou Island has the charm and the assets to attract all travellers to it and offer them more than a stay, an experience. With its historical heritage, its museum, its abundant vegetation, its coastline and its charming rooms, Tatihou Island speaks to all those who want to experience island life. You don't come to Tatihou for the hustle and bustle and the sleepless nights. You come to take the time to reconnect with yourself and your partner. You come to appreciate nature and live at your own pace. At Tatihou, the slow life is not a concept but your daily life.

Tatihou Island, a small piece of land on a rocky islet of 28 hectares, is part of the magnificent coastal landscape of the Cotentin. Vauban, the genius architect of Louis XIV, saw it as the perfect location to protect the harbor of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue. The tower of the fort, as well as its twin on the mainland, have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. Since then, the island has had a rich and eventful history. The local museum and the Houses of Tatihou bear witness to its past. The presence of an intense ornithological life and a surprisingly rich vegetation complete the unusual setting of Tatihou Island. You will reach the island with its amphibious boat, another of the surprising experiences of your stay. The new hotel-restaurant will allow you to enjoy Tatihou in a new light.

The presence of an intense ornithological life and a surprisingly rich vegetation complete the unusual setting of Tatihou Island. You will reach the island with an amphibious boat, another of the surprising experiences of your stay. The revalorization of the island, through new accommodations among others, will allow you to discover Tatihou in a new light as of 2022. Respecting nature, 4 star accommodation, highlighting the regional history, Tatihou is preparing for a new face. Schoolchildren of the region will also benefit from all new infrastructures, both in accommodation and in the school and extracurricular activities to be carried out on the island. For family reunions, Tatihou is also an exceptional setting that will be able to welcome you for weddings, birthdays and other important celebrations.

Breathing the sea air



The history of the island has been rich in twists and turns. A military fort from the beginning of the 18th century, then a lazaretto from 1721, the island was a great laboratory of marine biology between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. During the First World War, a civilian prison camp was set up in the premises on Tatihou. They were then used to receive women and children refugees from the Spanish war in 1939. During the Second World War, the Germans occupied the island and built blockhouses. After the war, the island became a re-education centre for young people, allowing them to learn a job with an elaborate educational project. The historical buildings of Tatihou open a new page of history.

The Conservatoire du littoral entrusted the département of La Manche with the rehabilitation of Tatihou in the early 1990s. The symbol of the project was the opening of the maritime museum in 1992 to celebrate the tercentenary of the Battle of La Hougue. Today, it is an ambitious project that is coming to life on Tatihou to accommodate a 26-room hotel-restaurant and 18 rooms that constitute the island's youth hostel.

House of the Gabiers

Formerly a house reserved for students, the Maison des Gabiers offers 8 atypical double rooms where the colorful decoration is inspired by the cabins of the beach of Gouville.

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Admirals' House

The original building of the island, the Admirals' House is the one that housed the crews and the "perfume room" that was used to fumigate the goods in 1722. It was then reserved for the island's successive directors. A true mansion, it offers a high standard of comfort for the 4 Junior Suites that are installed there. Its contemporary decoration and beautiful furniture have been chosen to sublimate the natural and so particular layout of this magnificent residence.

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Crew House

La Maison des Equipages offers a very special atmosphere to welcome families on the island of Tatihou. Of the 14 rooms, 6 give access to a private terrace of 6 m² equipped with table and chairs. Its inspiration from sailing ships, with wood as the main color, gives these rooms their personality.

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Tribordais House and Babordais House

These accommodations are designed for groups, especially school groups visiting the island. They are also suitable for shared accommodations such as sports teams, family reunions or hikers.

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restaurant Le Carré

There is no hotel without a restaurant. You will find on the island, a few steps from the Maisons de Tatihou, the restaurant Le Carré. The restaurant offers fresh cuisine from local producers. Its passionate cuisine will enhance your stay on the island. Come and enjoy an exceptional green setting and a regional plate privileging short circuit and seasonality. A real treat.

Practical information

The restaurant, the reservation of rooms, the amphibious boat, the reception of groups, all you need to know for your stay off Saint Vaast la Hougue is here.

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Les Maisons de Tatihou
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