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weekends or vacations for all

Everyone will find reasons to come to the Houses of Tatihou and the charm of this atypical island. One comes as a couple for a weekend away from the world and close to each other. One comes as a family to enjoy the sea, for work thanks to the calm of the place or as a school group to learn. In short, there are a thousand and one ways to compose the stay that suits you on our island in Normandy.

Couple's stay

Coming to Tatihou for two

As a couple, you want to take time for your couple, to find each other. An island cut off from the world represents exactly the image you have of a stay just for lovers. Tatihou brings you the change of scenery and the necessary quietness to think only of each other. The charm and comfort of the room, the hotel restaurant, all the services of the Maisons de Tatihou offer you a setting worthy of the end of the world to live in Normandy.

Young and old, there is a Tatihou Island for everyone

Spacious and furnished rooms offering charm and comfort to welcome your whole tribe. The different houses are perfectly adapted to welcome your family. The walks along the seashore, the discovery of our cultural heritage and the exceptional vacation setting will delight both young and old. Once on dry land, Le Cotentin will also provide you with its share of activities.

Family stay

A unique vacation spot for school children

Tatihou is like moving the school to an island. With its rich military past, it is an exceptional setting for children to experience the history of France where it was made. The most beautiful memory will undoubtedly be to find yourself on an island, isolated from the Earth and with, all around, the magnificent coastal spectacle. Numerous fun activities are available to the young public as well as the maritime gardens and the laboratory.

Group stay

Working in the middle of nature and the open sea

Imagine yourself on an island completely isolated from the world since no one lives there. Your professional seminar in the hotel is above all a promise of quietness, serenity and discretion, qualities necessary for the success of your meeting. Obviously, all the technical and computer equipment is available to allow you to work as in any other room. But the most beautiful thing will be to enjoy the beach at sunset after your day of work or incentive, just a step away from your room!

Professional stay

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