Tatihou Island

The accessibility :

The geographical location of the Ile Tatihou makes it difficult to access for PRMs. Some areas are difficult to approach for people in wheelchairs or for those accompanying young children with pushchairs, particularly because of the gravel paths and sandy beaches.
Rooms 38 and 42 are equipped for disabled guests. In addition, the reception is equipped with two portable induction loops.

Disabled guests can :

  • Park near the boat before boarding
  • Come to the island with their guide dog
  • Take the boat
  • Go to the museum
  • Walk along the paths of the lazaret
  • Go to the island fort
  • People with reduced mobility cannot :
  • Climb the Vauban Tower
  • Move around on the sandy beaches
  • Access the maritime laboratory as part of a workshop.

The amphibious boat has a space for PRMs. Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone for further information on accessibility in general.

Tatihou Island

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